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So a new podcast.  It’s shorter, since I cut 35 minutes of Matthew talking about Chuck Person [still plenty of Person talk]. Get updated in the podcast section. Or here:




A very special video and another podcast coming very very soon–Chris

MLK Day: Who would MLK have rooted for in the current NBA?

Wennington's the white guy behind Walter "The Truth" Berry

According to SKR co-founder/technical director Chris Anderko, Bill Wennington, Bulls broadcaster/ex-marginal NBA player/good-natured Canadian, pondered (pandered?) before today’s Chicago Bulls-Memphis Grizzlier game, “Who would have Martin Luther King, Jr. had rooted for in today’s NBA?”

The question is either offensive or weird or interesting or all three. Let’s run with the third option.

I say part of what made MLK great was championing initially unpopular causes. And few causes are more unpopular than fandom of the Atlanta Hawks, a fan base that is notable for its lack of energy, ticket-buying, and third-grade NBA-fan sophistication level on standardized tests written by NBA VP Stu Jackson and Kaplan.

King would have also liked Memphis, due to the redemptive story of Zach Randolph.

He would not have liked the Lakers under any circumstance. He would have had a soft spot in his heart for Carmelo Anthony.


Some early thoughts on the season: Part 1

The Bulls are looking good, even though Richard Hamilton’s groin is out whack. The 76ers and Pacers are balanced, starless teams quietly on the rise. To the shock of no smart person, the two aforementioned teams are better than the Knicks. The Clippers need to trade Chauncey Billups or Mo Williams. Rickey Rubio is a Spanish Jason “White Chocolate” Williams — very exciting but maybe not that good. I can’t gush enough about LeMarcus Aldridge.

We’re in the Present: Like Jan. 14, 2012 at 2 in the afternoon

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